Please allow us to introduce our self as a small but growing business based in London – England
specialised in Masonic Gloves made in Cotton, D-Robax and in Real Kid Leather having Masonic
symbols machine and hand embroidered or using sublimation process on D-Robax.

We are constantly evolving and increasing our range of Gloves and Gauntlets, also adding items
such as Aprons, Regalia’s, and Embroidered Badges and KT regalia of various orders.

Our speciality being Symbolic emblems on gloves, we can provide and make any types of symbol in Machine Embroidered on Cotton Gloves, Sublimation print (for more complex, detailed and coloured symbols) on white D-Robex material and Machine Embroidered on Kid Leather Gloves.

We also provide Hand Embroidery with bullion thread on Gloves and Gauntlets made from Kid

We supply some provincial lodges in England and also cater for special Centenary requirements
where Lodge have asked us to provide their Lodge Name, Number and in some cases their own
Lodge Symbol.

Please find enclosed our leaflet briefly explaining what we do and more can be seen on our website or Lodge secretaries and Brethren can contact us by email with their
requirements via email to

We will be greatly obliged if our information can be circulated in regular News letter circulation
among the members Lodges.