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Please not this book cover is for California Masonic Cipher Ritual ONLY.
Any other books will not fit in.
Freemasons Book Cover in Black SC&G BCW007
10.5cm W x 15.4cm H x 1.5cm T)

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California Masonic Cipher Ritual Book Cover in Faux Leather with SC&G BCW007
Book Cover-Jacket size:-
10cm wide (closed)
14.75cm High
Actual Ritual book size
8.8 cm wide x 13.8 cm high x 1.5cm thick
Instruction to insert the book inside the cover
Gently insert one corner of the book in one side of the cover, preferably from the bottom corner of the top side cover
Insert the top part of the book in the top part of cover. please note that as the cover is new it will slightly stiff inserting the second corner, just lift gently the inside lip of the second corner on the cover and the book will slide in.
Follow the same process for the back cover of the book.
Once the book is inserted on both side, gently close the book avoiding any damage to the book.
After some use the book will settle comfortably within the cover and it will give your book protection, comfort for you when in your hand while holding the book and it will also be comfortable in Jacket Coat pocket.
Please ask us if you want other sizes of book covers/jacket cover
Please see our Masonic shop on ebay , we have may types of regalia , cases and gloves


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